About us

CAENOR specializes in providing innovative solutions for the precast concrete sector needs.

Company profile

Our goal is to design equipment to improve the efficiency of our clients and simplify their work by providing optimal and safe solutions for industrial processes.

Provide excellent professional service and fully customized is our raison d’être. Therefore each mold is an independent project designed and executed using the most advanced technologies available in mechanical and hydraulic manufacturing.

Caenor is immersed in a process of continuous development to become one of the most prestigious firms in the sector. With an international field of action, our greatest endorsement is the trust they place in us large national companies and from other countries of the world as Panama, Nicaragua, Brazil, Lebanon, Equatorial Guinea, etc.


We are a leading company in the design and manufacture of molds whose success is based on the continuous and effective work of our team. Right from the outset CAENOR offers you the most qualified professionals to successfully meet your needs.

Our technical department is formed by a group of highly-qualified young engineers, with broad experience in the field of precast concrete, able to turn any project into reality.

That is why we give the utmost importance to it and we invest an important part of our resources. Harmony between technical office and workshop allows us to make high quality products reducing production times, returned positively on final costs. 


Caenor tries to anticipate market requirements paying special attention to technological developments and new construction systems both in edification and civil works.

Designing modern equipment requires innovative approaches. At the technical department works a team of highly qualified people whose main motivation is to simplify your work without sacrificing quality. The use of CAD tools and finite element calculation programs applied to the projects analysis allows us to study the critical points and to design safer and more effective molds.

In a forward-looking company, research and development is an ongoing task. For this reason, our R&D&I department is permanently in contact with companies and specialized institutions in order to be informed of all progresses and technological developments in the world of formwork.

Caenor demonstrates commitment to the quality of their equipment. It has at its disposal a quality department with the staff and resources needed to involve the whole company in continuous improvement. All company work processes are structured basing on the ISO 9001: 20015 quality management system.